Durham Sunrise Staffs 2018 “Fill That Bus” School Supplies Drive

Posted By Jim McLean

On Saturday, August 18, a contingent of Sunrise Rotarians, with family members and friends, braved the heat, humidity, and rain threats of the weekend, and turned out at the Sam’s Club parking lot at South Square to help staff the 2018 “Fill That Buss” supply drive for Crayons 2 Calculators (C2C), along with fellow Rotarian friends from Southwest Durham and Durham Downtown clubs.

Bins full of supplies arrived at a mostly-steady and occasionally-frenetic pace while we were there, and then needed to be pre-sorted by type and counted, before their transportation at day’s end to the Bacon Street Warehouse:

Confusion and sometimes lively debate ensued – “May I put mechanical pencils in the same bin as wooden ones ?” – or, “Hey, is a highlighter considered a marker ?”  (Actually, categorical questions like these are not laughing matters at all, for anyone who’s tried to to remove Sharpie permanent ink from a dry-erase board !)

These conundrums were reliably de-mystified by our veterans, led by Mary and Tom Liebhold, both long-time proponents of this cause – especially Tom, who of course is a retired teacher and a former board member for C2C:

And our team was bolstered once again by the “force multiplier” otherwise known as most of “Team Wicker” !

Thanks again and well done, everyone !

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