Jim McLean

Welcome to “The Little Club that Does” where we have built a reputation since 1990 of actively serving our community with hands-on projects.  We start early (7:00 AM) by filling backpacks with food for elementary school students who might otherwise not eat over the weekends. 

Bring your food can as we collect them every week to stock food kitchens at Inter-faith Council (www.ifcweb.org) and Urban Ministries (www.umdurham.org) .  Help volunteer at WUNC (www.wunc.org) , cook for SECU Family House (www.secufamilyhouse.org) or collect school supplies to give to teachers through Crayons2Calculators (www.crayons2calculators.org) .  

Meet the International Peace Scholars our club hosts or join with us for a Million Meals Packing Event on MLK Jr. Day with our partner Rotary clubs, Duke University, Durham Tech, and United Way.  Most important, join a group of dedicated Rotarians who have fun every week practicing Service Above Self.  We look forward to meeting you.

Club Officers 

Jim McLean - President 2018-19 

Tom Liebhold - Past President 2017-18 

Rachel Hardy - Secretary 

Larry Rocamora - Treasurer 

Sally Clark - Sergeant-at-Arms 

Jim McLean - Foundation Chair